Mentor Tech Startups with a Global Impact

Support our startups to successfully launch their initial idea. Advise future tech companies and join their board through our Advisors Program.

Never Stop Learning

Learn cutting-edge and efficient methods used by top companies around the world.

Make a Positive Impact

Acquire equity and monthly income after securing the first round of funding for the startups you mentor.

Connect with the Community

Our Advisor Community is constantly growing. Do you want to be part of the journey?

Why are professional Advisors so important to startups?

You drive success. In fact, your input makes startups 7 times more likely to succeed. How? You reduce uncertainty and promote the innovation that entrepreneurs require. Leverage your experience to guide startup talent and harvest their potential.
At Ufounders, we have created the perfect entrepreneurial ecosystem. We allow entrepreneurs, advisors and investors to connect. We provide all the tools and resources needed to create businesses with real growth potential.

Meet the Professionals that already mentor Startups

Connect with the innovators of tomorrow: Meet the founders of cutting-edge companies.

Whenever and from wherever you want. The program is 100% online. You decide how many startups you want to mentor and when you have your mentoring sessions.

Develop your skills: Continually develop your professional abilities through our program for Advisors.

Join the ecosystem: Meet other Advisors and Investors in the Entrepreneur Ecosystem. Connect with the community.

Program Modules

At Ufounders we want the Advisors to use the same terminology we use with entrepreneurs. That is why in order to become an Advisor, you will complete a training program that will cover everything you need to know in order to secure a funding round for the startups you mentor.  

1. How do entrepreneurs think?

We will teach you to understand how our Entrepreneurs think. This mindset will allow them to minimize the risk of their startup failing.

2. Build Business Ideas

You will learn how to structure business ideas and the key to client interviews, allowing Entrepreneurs to meet clients before launching their startups.

3. Find Business Models

We will work on designing business model canvasses that adopt the Blue Ocean strategy so that startups can pivot when they need to select a business model.

4. Agile

You will work with the world’s fastest business methodology, which some of the top companies across the globe have implemented, e.g. Apple, Inditex and Amazon.

5. How to Build an MVP

You will help shape tech products through bootstrapping. You will guide Entrepreneurs throughout the entire process of creating their MVPs.

6. Finance for Startups

In the startup world, finance is key. That is why Advisors need to know how to build financial models.

7. Funding Rounds

We need you to prepare Entrepreneurs for securing a funding round as well as help them negotiate throughout the entire process.

8. Pitching to Investors

Entrepreneurs need to know that ideas are important but that the way the express them is critical to their success. They need to constantly be aware of what investors want.

9. Startup Metrics and KPIs

You need to know the main metrics and indicators that Entrepreneurs must meet in order to create a tech startup.

10. Personal Leadership

At Ufounders we believe people are at the center of everything, so we want you to lead our team of Entrepreneurs and motivate them to keep improving.

How can I join Ufounders?

If you want to join the Ufounders family, you can request an interview. Our team will contact you to schedule an online meeting. We can’t wait to meet you!

Request an


We want to meet you and learn more about why you want to mentor startups.

1. Complete the Program

Develop and prove your professional skills. Learn our methodology and how to help entrepreneurs.

2. Entrepreneur Match

Connect weekly with founders to help their startups down the right path. At the same time, you will continue to sharpen your professional skills through our training program. 

3.Make a Positive Impact

Build the tech startups of the future. Guide our ambitious entrepreneurs and together innovate.

What Our Clients Think About Us

Germán Gómez

"I've been thrilled since I've been on the Ufounders program. Above all because of the figure of the Advisor, a person who advises and accompanies you throughout the decision-making process. I encourage all entrepreneurs to join the Ufounders team, which will surely multiply their chances of success."

Belén Sola

"Meeting the Ufounders team has been the boost I needed to improve my business. Very happy with their attention and the treatment I receive, I love the idea of the accelerator, the training is very useful, and the team is unbeatable. Very grateful to be part of your program 🙌🏻"

Francisco Acosta

"When we had the first meeting with Ufounders it literally took us 3 minutes to decide that these were the people we wanted on our side. A contribution of value and advice from professional, highly qualified people. We couldn't have a better partner than Ufounders."

Learn about Our Startups

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The first scooter leasing marketplace, focusing on electric scooters. Delivery, maintenance, insurance and an app that handles everything related to your scooter.

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An app that makes sure you remember the important stuff: emotions and feelings. Everything has a message, a song, its own moment in time.


Zoostation is the first, entirely automated commercial shipping broker. We will expand your business internationally with just one click.

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