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We empower and accelerate tech projects from the idea to global expansion thanks to education, advisory and investment.

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We provide you with the tools and steps required so that your business idea succeeds. We believe in continuous learning and education so that you can develop the necessary skills to progress as an entrepreneur.


Professional Advisors are fundamental in the development phase of startups. From the traction stage of your business, your Advisor will accompany you to help you successfully launch your project and reduce the risk of failure.


Focus on the methodology we teach in our programme for entrepreneurs so that you can scale your company. Once you finish the programme and build your MVP, we will raise all of the investment rounds required for your project to grow.


Once you join Ufounders, we become your partners. We have a community of top-tier entrepreneurs and advisors to keep you up to date with the latest entrepreneurial trends.

Entrepreneurs are not born, they are made. That is why we want to be by your side to help you succeed.

At Ufounders, we accompany you during every phase of your startup journey. Most entrepreneurs do not know the necessary steps to set up a startup. That is why we give you the training you need, assign you a professional advisor and raise all of the investment rounds.

How can I join Ufounders?

If you would like to join the Ufounders family, please fill out the application form. Our team will contact you to arrange an interview. We look forward to meeting you!



Changes Your


1. Apply for your place

Fill out this form with your application. The best time to start your business is now.

2. Get an interview with the team

Meet with the team, we want you to tell us who you are, what are your ideas, your fears and your doubts.

3. Lead your project

In less than 24 hours you can start building and developing your startup. We want to succeed with you.

The Ufounders platform at a glance

Carry out every educational session for your startup with our platform. We will guide you step by step through each block with its corresponding sessions and missions. You can contact us at any time, we are waiting for you!

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Programmes for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is not about having a good idea. Entrepreneurship is about methodology and talent.

We accompany you in all phases of your startup. All entrepreneurs go through 4 training programmes and in a period of 3 to 6 years we take your startup to success.

1.- UFO Entrepreneurs Stage

This is the stage of creating your idea, creating the value proposition, studying the market and validating the business and your MVP. 150 sessions, 10-15 minutes each, with exercises, advisory, tests,… All this and much more!

2.- UFO Traction Stage

This is the stage of traction for your startup, leadership, talent and customers.  

3.- UFO Growth Stage

UFO #Scaling is the third phase of Ufounders. It is the stage of scaling and consolidating in your target market. It is the time for your startup to have solid metrics.

4.-UFO World Stage

This is the stage of growth and internationalisation of your startup. You will face the biggest challenge being in other countries and also face the possibility of successfully selling your startup.

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